21 Photos to Inspire Your First Slovenia Trip

Although I reflect fondly on most countries I’ve been to in Europe, Slovenia has a special place in my heart. It was the place I was most excited to explore on my first solo trip to Europe. The country clearly left an impression as I’ve now made four trips there and wouldn’t hesitate at a fifth. While in the past I’ve offered advice for visiting Slovenia, I’m not sure I’ve ever made it clear why you should make your first Slovenia trip.

If you’re like me, photos of a destinations can be a big motivator for your travel plans. So the best Slovenia travel inspiration I can offer is a curated collection of my favourite Slovenia photos. With so many visits under my belt, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many of the country’s best sites. Sure, you may notice I’m still missing some incredibly picturesque spots like Predjama Castle and the Church Of St Primoz. But hopefully, you’ll be able to see just how magnificent a country Slovenia is and why I keep going back.


Endless Inviting Nature

For me, the biggest selling point with Slovenia is that it feels like one giant national park. You’re never far from nature in Slovenia, be it forests, hills, valleys or even caves. Even if you’re in the heart of Ljubljana, the nation’s capital, you don’t have to go far to surround yourself with trees. Then there are the more remote corners of the country like the Soca Valley, where you feel even more removed from civilization. If you’re after an outdoors vacation in central Europe, it’s hard to find somewhere better than Slovenia.

What to do in the Soca Valley Slovenia
Vibrant forest lining the Soca River
Celje Hills, Slovenia Green Landscape
Fields and forest over the rolling hills outside Celje
Skocjan Caves, Slovenia Nature
Looking out the entrance of the Skocjan Caves
What to do in the Soca Valley Slovenia
Untouched nature near the town of Bovec


Incredible Mountain Scenery

When talking about Slovenia there’s no way you can ignore the country’s mountains. Along much of its borders with Italy and Austria you’ll find impressive alps that provide some of Slovenia’s best scenery. While impressive to look at, the link between Slovenia and its mountains runs much deeper. After all, they actually have the country’s highest mountain peak right there on the flag. So, whether it’s climbing Mt Triglav or hiking in any of the great mountain destinations in Slovenia, this is one side of the country you’ll want to see ASAP.

Slovenia Border View
Views up to the mountains of Jezersko
Triglav Sunrise
Watching the sunrise enroute to the summit of Mt Triglav
Velika Planina, Slovenia Alps Destinations
Alpine huts across the Velika Planina plateau
Vogel Ski, Slovenia Outdoor Destinations
Mountain views from the Vogel Ski Resort
Snow covering the mountainside of Triglav National Park


Cities and Towns with Character

At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking that Slovenia is a wild, unpopulated place. Of course, that’s not true and you’ll find quite a few small cities and pretty towns scattered about. None are all that big compared to their European neighbours; even the capital Ljubljana is quite compact and easy to get about. But don’t confuse size with character as each city and town has features that will leave you thoroughly captivated. Towns like Skofja Loka and Ptuj are among the best places to visit in Slovenia for exactly that reason.

Skofja Loka
Main square in the heart of Skofja Loka
Ljubljana Triple Bridge, First Slovenia Trip
Crossing the Triple Bridge into Ljubljana Old Town
Piran View, Visiting Piran Slovenia
Panoramic view of the coastal town of Piran
Maribor Old Town
Streets of the city centre around Maribor Castle


Classic Fairytale Castles

Castles are one of the quintessential European attractions and an easy reason to visit a destination. While perhaps not as famous as the castles found in Germany or France, Slovenia does have a few beauties. Whether it’s the castle watching over Ljubljana or the small one perched above Lake Bled, these destinations wouldn’t quite be the same without them. Then there are destinations like Celje, Predjama and Velenje where the castle is the primary reason for going. So, if you’re looking to add some more castles to your collection, a Slovenia trip might just be in order.

Bled Castle over the Lake, Visiting Slovenia
Bled Castle on a cliff overlooking the forest and lake
Celje Castle, Slovenia Travel Inspiration
Within the walls of the ancient Celje Castle ruins
Ljubljana Cityscape
Flags flying from the tower of Ljubljana Castle over the Old Town


Water, Water Everywhere

Look at a list of Slovenia’s most famous destinations and you’ll probably notice a shared feature of many of them. Whether they’re somewhere in the mountains, off in the country’s wine region or down by the coast, the common element is water. It’s not just that they’re near water either; it’s that the water is often what makes them special.

Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and the Soca River would be far less spectacular if it weren’t for the colour and clarity of the alpine water that fills them. Or it’s the way their respective rivers lend atmosphere to Ljubljana and Maribor. Then there’s towns on Slovenia’s coast like Piran that would be much less memorable if Adriatic waters weren’t lapping at their shores.

Lake Bled, Slovenia Mountains
Lookout view of Lake Bled and the magical colour of its water
Piran Waterfront, Visiting Piran Slovenia
Waterfront buildings on Piran’s serene Adriatic Coast
Great Soca Gorge, Soca Valley Sightseeing
View down into the wild waters of the Great Soca Gorge
Maribor, Slovenia
Perfect reflections of Maribor in the Drava River
Bohinj, Mountains in Slovenia
Unbelievable colour and clarity of the Sava River by Lake Bohinj


Do these photos want to make you take your first Slovenia trip? Which photo in this Slovenia travel blog post is your favourite? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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21 photos to inspire your first Slovenia trip featuring Ljubljana, the Alps and more, via @travelsewhere

21 photos to inspire your first Slovenia trip featuring Ljubljana, the Alps and more, via @travelsewhere 21 photos to inspire your first Slovenia trip featuring Ljubljana, the Alps and more, via @travelsewhere

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