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  • Steffen Schwarz, a Hüttenberg, Germany, resident and part-time farmer, proposed to his girlfriend last year.
  • Schwarz used a cornfield and a drone to pop the question, spelling out “Will you marry me?” in German. 
  • His aunt later discovered that Google Maps captured a photo of the proposal, and she shared the image with Schwarz.
  • The couple plan to marry in June, according to a local German news outlet.
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There are pros and cons to private and public proposals, with fans of the first preferring to make promises to one another alone, while proponents of the second like sharing the milestone with their loved ones.

But a couple in Germany got the best of both worlds when Google Maps captured a photo of their private proposal.

Part-time farmer Steffen Schwarz proposed to his girlfriend by spelling out “Will you marry me?” in German across his cornfield. He used a seeding machine to write out the proposal, according to hessenschau.de, a local German outlet.

A German man’s proposal in a cornfield was captured by Google Maps.

Google Maps

Schwarz got the idea for his proposal after planting a corn maze for someone else. The areas that spell out the proposal have no corn, while the rest of the field was full of it.

Planting the shape was tricky for the farmer because the seeding machine wasn’t designed to make letters, as Schwarz told hessenschau.de.

After the corn had grown into the shape he wanted, Schwarz told his girlfriend that he had seen a wild boar, asking her to look at the field via drone. 

corn field

Steffen Schwarz used a seeding machine to spell out his proposal.

AP Images

Schwarz was waiting with a ring, and his girlfriend immediately said “yes” after seeing the proposal, according to hessenschau.de.

Schwarz’s aunt in Canada later stumbled upon an image of the proposal on Google Maps and sent her nephew a screenshot of the field.

The couple plan to get married in June 2020.

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