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After running the series for twelve consecutive years, the show aired its last season in May 2019. Since the inception of the series in 2007, the show has made a considerably huge fan base. The show was supposed to end with the release of the twelfth season, and there have been apprehensions regarding the further renewal of the show for a thirteenth episode. There have been many TV series on similar lines, but after airing more than 250 episodes, it can be comfortably said that the show has maintained that flow, which kept the show to continue.

The show till now

The show has its genesis its name “Big Bang Theory” and the show convey complex scientific theory into a layman’s term. So the show is a must for those who want a comic sci-fi. The characters are outstanding, and you will love them right from the first episode. The characters in the series have scientific backgrounds, and they talk on a plethora of scientific stuff in the most humorous fashion possible. The characters are so well infused in the series that you ought to develop a sense of likeliness towards these characters, and they would never fail to astound with the ultimate sense of humor both in terms of acting and excellent scientific references.

Big Bang Theory Season 13
Source: TVLine

The plot of the show centered around five characters who are sharing an apartment, and two of them are scientists (Leonard and Sheldon). The other flatmate is Penny, who works as a waitress in the nearby restaurant.

Do we have a third season?

The show was last aired in May 2019, and since then, speculations are going on regarding the renewal of the show, and a ton of rumor is doing rounds on the internet. So the outrage on the internet is humungous, and fans are up in arms for the renewal of another season. But there are certain things which have to be kept in mind. Shows are centered around a brilliant storyline and actors, but there is a commercial aspect too, and it can’t be ignored.

The twelfth season made it crystal clear that the possibility of renewal is minimalistic, and if there will be any, it will come from credible sources and not from rumors. So if the show is to be renewed, certain factors play a paramount role in the renewal. The twelfth season ended with Amy and Sheldon winning the Nobel prize. Penny and Leonard’s character were expecting a baby. So there is not much space left to explore new possibilities as everything is happy to go lucky at the end of the twelfth season.

Well, we are not outrightly rejecting the future of the show, there can be a spinoff to the series, but as of now, there is nothing like that in the pipeline. So any further speculation will unnecessarily fuel the fans. If any credible information comes to us, we will love to update you with the same.

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