Canon EOS R5 price listed at €10K, then taken down – Camera Jabber

The Canon EOS R5 price tag is being listed as €9,999 at a European photographic online retailer, prompting some to question if this is real or a placeholder.

The Luxembourg-based online retailer posted the €9,999, which was spotted by a reader over at Canon Watch.

In our view, this is probably just a placeholder price that was accidentally published. A €9,999 price tag seems too high, despite the EOS R5’s mammoth specs.

Even the Panasonic S1H is priced at £3,599.99/$3,999. Granted, it doesn’t shoot 8K, but it is still a comparable, capable video camera.

If we had to guess, we stand by our original prediction that the Canon EOS R5 price tag will sit around the £2,700-£3,000 mark.

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