Coronavirus: British scientist warns 400,000 UK deaths possible – The Siasat Daily

A British scientist who is leading the fight against
coronavirus has admitted last night that predictions of 400,000 UK deaths are
‘not absurd’.

When asked about the killer coronavirus, which is causing
increasing alarm all over the country, Professor Neil Ferguson, of the School
of Public Health at Imperial College London, said ‘this is the one I’m scared
of’. He said though he was not predicting 400,000 deaths, the figure ‘is

According to a research 60 per cent of Britons could be affected
by the coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19. 

Professor Ferguson warned that one per cent of people who
get infected might die.

As reported by the Daily Mail, government is working on the
assumption that half of the population will be infected with the virus, which
could reach every part of Britain within months.

Globally more than 1500 died of coronavirus while over
66,000 are infected from it.

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