Coronavirus news – live: Dozens set to leave quarantine in UK as first case arrives in London and Japan confirms first death from virus – The Independent

‘We’re very grateful to have been here’

Matt Raw, one of the Britons who left isolation today, said “99.9% of us, if not 100%” were “really happy” to spend two weeks in quarantine at Arrow Park Hospital.

He added reports of someone trying to leave the quarantine facility earlier in the week were a case of “mistaken identity” as security thought a member of staff was a patient.

The 38-year-old, from Knutsford in Cheshire, said: “We’re very grateful to have been here.

“The last thing that any one of us would have wanted is to have passed that virus on, if we were infected, to pass it on to somebody else.

“You have to live with that. If somebody does get sick from it and dies we’d have to live with that knowledge for the rest of our lives and of course that’s not who we are.

“Most of us travel a lot, we travel extensively, and there are risks associated with that so we do take ourselves seriously as ex-pats and we want to be as responsible as possible and if that means staying in quarantine for a couple of weeks so be it.”

Mr Raw, whose wife Ying is from Wuhan, added he was “ecstatic” when he tested negative for the virus, adding: “For 83 of us to all come back and all test negative was just absolutely phenomenally good news.

“Personally, I’ve cheated death quite a few times on my travels over the years and I guess this is just another one to tick off the list.”

He said he planned to return go back to Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, at some point.

“This could have happened absolutely anywhere in the world, it’s just unlucky and sad it happened to happen in Wuhan,” he added. “Wuhan is still home from home for me.”

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