Discover the Victoria Falls and its Many Attractions

From adventure lovers to romantics, the Victoria Falls offer a host of activities designed to suit almost every taste

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Author: Alexandra Kraus

The majesty of the Victoria Falls is undeniable. Whether you choose to see it from air, land or water, or Zambia or Zimbabwe, every view of this UNESCO World Heritage Site will surprise you.

How did the falls get their name?

In 1855, Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone became perhaps the first European to set eyes on the falls, when he made his way to an island – now known as Livingstone Island – on the lip of the falls. He was blown away by “the most wonderful sight” he had witnessed in Africa and decided to name them in honor of his then monarch, Queen Victoria.

The Victoria Falls are 1,708 meters wide and 108 meters high, which combine to make it the world’s largest sheet of falling water. During the rainy season, from January to March, and right after, the thundering sound of the falls reaches its peak. And you can spot the sheets of falling water even from a distance of 25 miles. While Zimbabwe lies on one side of the falls, Zambia is on the other.

Zambia or Zimbabwe? Which side should you visit?

Are you looking for the perfect angle to click unforgettable photos of this natural wonder? Would you like to get an overview of the falls from above? Then we recommend the Zimbabwean side from the border town of Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls sunset, View from Zambia, shutterstock_198156398

But if you want to experience the force of the falls first hand and get drenched in its spray, we suggest you head to the last few viewpoints that lie closer to the Zambian border.

While the falls on the Zimbabwean side rarely come to a standstill, the Zambian side can get calm and quiet during the dry season. Consequently, it gets all the more thunderous during the rains.

Our best time to travel to Zambia guide will help you plan your Zambian sojourn. But if you prefer Zimbabwe, here’s our best time to travel to Zimbabwe guide with more details.

Activities you can enjoy from Zimbabwe and Zambia

Bungee jumping: Go bungee jumping off the famous Victoria Falls Bridge – a few hundred meters away from the falls. Surrounded by the thundering mass of water, whizz towards the Zambezi at dizzying speeds.

Helicopter flight: Get a bird’s eye view of the falls during a 12-minute helicopter ride. Keep your camera ready to capture some truly spectacular images! 

River Cruises at Sunset: Drenched in the warm light of the setting sun, the Victoria Falls make for an elegant sight. Listen to your captain share interesting anecdotes and insights about the local Zambezi people and their traditions and customs.

Popular activities you can enjoy from Zimbabwe

Ziplining: Safely harnessed to the zipline, rush across the deep gorge as you feel the wind on your face and the adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Canoeing: Enjoy Africa’s natural beauty on a leisurely canoe ride. Glide past tall basalt rock walls and fascinating gorges. Keep an eye out for curious hippos, crocodiles, elephants and tiger fish. 

Whitewater rafting: Rush over its large rapids for a wet and wild adventure! These guided rafting tours are available for various levels of difficulty and promise a pure adrenaline rush.

Popular activities you can enjoy from Zambia

Microlights flight:  Glide over the rushing Zambezi as you discover the picturesque Batoka Gorge from above. Keep your eyes peeled for wildebeest or even a hungry pack of lions out on a hunt in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

Take a dip in the Devil’s Pool: Over thousands of years, a small pool has formed, right on the edge of the Victoria Falls. While it may look like a normal pool, there is nothing ordinary about the view. Those in the pool can look right over the edge of the falls and see the water plunging into the depths! You are, however, only allowed to swim here from September to December, when the water level in the Zambezi is low. 

Explore the Batoka Gorge, the islands and the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

Safaris around the falls

While the Victoria Falls are one of Africa’s most beautiful attractions, the large national parks nearby like the Zambezi National Park or Lower Zambezi National Park aren’t short of natural beauty either. Head out on a safari with us and experience Africa’s wildlife!

Our safaris allow you to be more than just an observer – you can get a behind the scenes look at the workings of VFAPU, the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit. Interact with the animal rights activists, accompany them on their daily patrol and support them in the fight against poaching.

Where can you stay?

Enjoy a tailor-made trip to the Victoria Falls

There are so many ways for you to experience the Victoria Falls – tell us what you want and we can transform your wishes into a tailor-made trip to Africa!

Contact our travel consultants to plan your vacation to Zimbabwe and Zambia!

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