Extraordinary Jordan Facts You Didn’t Know About!

Jordan is an Arab nation situated within the Center East on the east financial institution of the Jordan River. The nation is outlined by nature reserves, historic and iconic monuments, and seaside-type resorts. House to the well-known archaeological website of Petra, Jordan has a younger inhabitants with a median age of 22 years outdated. On this publish, we’ve gathered among the Jordan attention-grabbing info that can encourage you to go to this stunning nation!

First The Primary Particulars

Jordan interesting factsJordan interesting facts
Primary info about Jordan

The nation’s capital is Amman and the dominion is dominated by Abdullah II of Jordan. The official language is Arabic. Nevertheless, upper-income Jordanians converse English as nicely.

When visiting the nation, you can find that its Bedouin tradition greets you wherever you go within the type of hiya and welcome, translated as Ahlan wa Sahlan in Arabic. When visiting the nation, it’s best to not set up a set itinerary as you may simply get a spontaneous invitation to calm down and sip tea with the locals.

A Standard Cinematic Panorama

Camels in Petra JordanCamels in Petra Jordan

Whenever you learn up on the attention-grabbing info about Jordan, a lot of the data takes you again in time, particularly cinematically. That’s as a result of the dominion has graced the silver display screen in lots of basic motion pictures. For instance, Petra’s Al-Khazneh monument was used as the house of the Holy Grail within the film Indiana Jones and the Final Campaign.

Additionally, the elevated cliffs and gentle pink sands of Wadi Rum have been featured within the well-known film Lawrence of Arabia. This film from 1962 made filmstar Peter O’Toole well-known for his award-winning portrayal of Lt. Col. Thomas Edward Lawrence.

Whereas the roughly 89,500 sq. kilometers of Jordan could also be thought of comparatively small, the vistas within the nation are terrains from which basic motion pictures are made.

Historical Ruins Are All over the place!

Ancient ruins are everywhere in JordanAncient ruins are everywhere in Jordan
Historical ruins are in all places in Jordan

Whereas touring by way of Jordan’s open areas, you gained’t really feel the crush of visitors or hear the fixed cacophony of beeping horns as do you elsewhere. You’ll be capable to get pleasure from and discover the countryside, an space that’s marked by ruins in all places.

Quite a lot of historic cultures have left their imprints on the Jordanian panorama over 1000’s of years; together with the Greeks and Romans, in addition to Byzantine and Arab influences.

Jerash is a Greco-Roman city that has been nicely preserved and also you’ll get the prospect to see Hadrian’s Arch and the Corinthian columns of Artemis Temple.

Al-Karak was a preferred Byzantine city earlier than the crusaders took over. The Nabatean temple of Al Khazneh is an historic website.

The Amman Citadel has pottery from way back to the Neolithic interval. And there are much more attention-grabbing info about Jordan!

It’s A Surreal Expertise Even In The Capital

Temple of Hercules in AmmanTemple of Hercules in Amman
Jordan attention-grabbing info: Temple of Hercules in Amman Citadel is a logo of historic Roman Structure

Historical archaeological websites can be discovered in the course of the nation’s capital. As an illustration, the Temple of Hercules, which is an historic Roman non secular website, lies on the high of a hill in Amman (Jabal al-Qal’a). The location appears surreal, particularly at sundown when church bells situation a name to prayer and sound out from the minarets beneath.

The Official Identify Of Jordan Is Extra Than Simply “Jordan”

One of many enjoyable info about Jordan has to do with its official title. Jordan’s formal title is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. So that you may say that “Jordan” is a shortened model of the official moniker.

Nevertheless, the nation was often known as Transjordan in 1922 after the World Warfare I division of the Center East made by France and Britain. The nation was formally designated by the UN as an impartial and sovereign kingdom 24 years later in 1946.

Jordan Is Not Oil-Wealthy Like The Different Arab States

In contrast to the opposite states within the Arab world, Jordan doesn’t supply its personal oil. This is among the attention-grabbing Jordan info as a result of Jordan has 26 deposits of shale oil. Nevertheless, these deposits don’t present sufficient promise to be exploited.

Jordan Is House To A Quantity Of Biblical Websites

Jordan interesting facts: You can take a dip in the river that Jesus was baptized inJordan interesting facts: You can take a dip in the river that Jesus was baptized in
Jordan attention-grabbing info: You’ll be able to take a dip within the river that Jesus was baptized in

You will discover numerous Biblical websites in Jordan; the primary ones being the Jordan River the place Jesus was baptized and Mount Nebo the place Moses died. The sinful websites of Sodom and Gomorrah are additionally situated within the nation.

There are numerous Jordan tour packages which might be value trying out. We selected to journey with Abraham Excursions they usually have been superior!

The Useless Sea Retains Bathers Afloat

The shore of the Useless Sea in Jordan is taken into account the bottom level on the Earth when it comes to dry land. It lies 420 meters or 1,378 ft beneath sea degree. The waters of the ocean, which is wealthy in salt, preserve bathers simply buoyant. The ocean is nearly 10 instances saltier than the ocean.

The Useless Sea lies in three nations: Jordan, Israel, and Palestine.

The Capital Of Amman Was As soon as Named Philadelphia

Jordan interesting facts: Amman was once called PhiladelphiaJordan interesting facts: Amman was once called Philadelphia
Jordan attention-grabbing info: Amman was as soon as referred to as Philadelphia

In historic instances, Amman, the capital, was referred to as Philadelphia. The title commemorated Ptolemy Philadelphus (283-246 BC), the Macedonian ruler who took over the town and rebuilt it. 

Within the 13th century, the Ammonites took over the town and named it Rabbath Ammon which meant King’s Quarters or Capital. Over the centuries the Rabbath was dropped and the town got here to be often called Ammon after which Amman.

Roman Theatre In Amman

Jordan interesting facts: There's a 2nd century Roman theatre next to the cityJordan interesting facts: There's a 2nd century Roman theatre next to the city
Jordan attention-grabbing info: There’s a 2nd-century Roman theatre subsequent to the town

When you thought nothing else may shock you in regards to the attention-grabbing Jordan info, right here’s one! There’s a 2nd-century Roman theatre in Amman that would seat 6000 individuals, and it’s proper subsequent near the town.  

Jordanians Do Not Reward Youngsters To Extra

Jordanians won’t reward their kids to extra as they imagine the follow invitations unhealthy luck and subsequently that is typically prevented.

The Capital Of Amman Has No East Facet Or West Facet

Jordan interesting facts: Amman doesn't have an east or west sideJordan interesting facts: Amman doesn't have an east or west side
Jordan attention-grabbing info: Amman doesn’t have an east or west facet

The Jordanian capital of Amman is uncommon with respect to its development. That’s as a result of the town was initially constructed throughout seven hills often called jabals. Does this remind you of Rome?

Via progress over time, the town now covers 19 jabals. Because of this, the town has no east facet or west facet. As an alternative, instructions are given based mostly on jabals.

Petra Was Carved Millenia In the past

Jordan interesting facts: The entrance to Petra is narrowJordan interesting facts: The entrance to Petra is narrow
Jordan attention-grabbing info: The doorway to Petra is slender

Naturally, you can’t point out Jordan with out referring to Petra too. One of many New Seven Wonders of the World, the traditional archaeological website of Petra was carved into the rock about two millennia in the past; but it surely was not well-known till the 1800s.

You enter the town of Petra by way of a slender gorge that’s 1.25 km or lower than a mile in width and get to see over 800 historic tombs.

Also called the Rose Metropolis, Petra is house to such landmarks because the aforementioned Al-Khazneh and Ed-Deir monuments, that you just’ll discover liberally splashed throughout the assorted tourism posters of Jordan and the Center East.

Nevertheless, if you wish to acquire a distinct view of the Nabataean historic capital, take the primary path on the website and hike one of many Bedouin again roads. That manner you’ll be able to ponder among the stunning Jordan surroundings.

You Can Refuse A Meal Up To Three Occasions Earlier than You Settle for

Jordan interesting facts: You can refuse a meal a few times before acceptingJordan interesting facts: You can refuse a meal a few times before accepting
Jordan attention-grabbing info: You’ll be able to refuse a meal a couple of instances earlier than accepting

Etiquette in Jordan permits anybody who is obtainable a meal to refuse 3 times earlier than lastly accepting the invitation. If you wish to decline, you need to do it in a manner that won’t offend your host. 

The Kanefeh In Jordan Is To Die For!

Made with a skinny noodle-like pastry or semolina dough, the Kanafeh is a conventional Center Japanese dessert that’s full of cream or cheese and lined with nuts. 

Jordan Is House To Many Historical Olive Bushes

Interesting fact about Jordan: 12 Million Olive TreesInteresting fact about Jordan: 12 Million Olive Trees
Attention-grabbing truth about Jordan: 12 Million Olive Bushes

Jordan is house to among the most historic olive bushes on the planet. Wadi Rum particularly has been planted with olive bushes since 5400 BC. 

Jordan has over 12 million olive bushes that produce each olive oil and olives.

Jordan Used To Be A Half Of The Fertile Crescent

Jordan as a rustic was a part of the Fertile Crescent, which is a crescent-formed space that was comprised of fertile land in an in any other case arid space the place agriculture began in 8500 BC. 

Usually referred to as the ‘cradle of civilization’ this fertile crescent is the place farming first emerged. The crescent is legendary as being the primary place the place pig and sheep farming first began between 11000 to 9000 BC, and domesticated vegetation began round 9500 BC. 

The opposite nations within the fertile crescent are Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Cyprus, and Iraq.

The Most Essential Instance Of Islamic Artwork And Structure Is In Jordan

Jordan interesting facts: The Qasr Amra is an example of early Islamic art and architectureJordan interesting facts: The Qasr Amra is an example of early Islamic art and architecture
Jordan attention-grabbing info: The Qasr Amra is an instance of early Islamic artwork and structure

The Qasr Amra that was constructed within the eighth century by Caliph Walid II is a well-known instance of early Islamic structure and artwork. 

Jordan’s Nationwide Flower Is Discovered All Over The Nation In Spring

Jordan's National Flower is the Black IrisJordan's National Flower is the Black Iris
Jordan attention-grabbing info: Jordan’s Nationwide Flower is the Black Iris

The attractive Black Iris is the nationwide flower of Jordan. It blooms in spring and may be discovered everywhere in the nation, particularly within the Northern Karak areas. 

There Are A Lot Of Cultural Guidelines To Observe!

Since Jordan is an Islamic nation, many traditions that should be noticed are Muslim. After all, you don’t have to look at them, but it surely’s all the time good to take action out of respect to your hosts’ tradition.

  • Girls should cowl their heads and hair in public.
  • They need to additionally cowl the nape of their necks as they’re thought of erotic or provocative.
  • It’s thought of impolite in the event you eat or drink along with your left hand.
  • Eat slowly, as a result of in the event you cease consuming, your host must cease too.
  • In case your plate is empty, the host must add extra meals to it. Go away some meals again in your plate. This exhibits the host that you’re full. 
  • Pointing along with your index finger is taboo. Use two fingers as a substitute.
  • Shake the hand holding your espresso cup backward and forward in the event you don’t need it refilled. When you hand it again straight, it’s sure to be refilled. 
  • When you’re staying with or visiting somebody, keep away from expressing admiration for any gadgets from their home an excessive amount of. Your host will really feel obligated to offer them to you as a present.

Aqaba Is The Solely Port Metropolis In Jordan

Jordan interesting facts: Aqaba is the only port city in JordanJordan interesting facts: Aqaba is the only port city in Jordan
Jordan attention-grabbing info: Aqaba is the one port metropolis in Jordan

There’s just one port metropolis in Jordan, and that’s Aqaba! It’s from right here you’ll be able to catch the ferry to Sharm-al-shaikh in Egypt or Eilat in Israel

Different Unbelievable Info About Jordan

Jordan interesting facts: Wadi Rum is the largest valley in JordanJordan interesting facts: Wadi Rum is the largest valley in Jordan
Jordan attention-grabbing info: Wadi Rum is the most important valley in Jordan
  • Mansaf is the nationwide dish in Jordan. It’s manufactured from lamb cooked in a fermented yogurt sauce and served with bulgur or rice. 
  • You’ll down your justifiable share of falafel, baklava, and halva in Jordan. The meals is scrumptious!
  • The Jordanian Dinar is value USD 1.4
  • Wadi Mujib is ideal for thrillseekers who love canyoning, climbing, and swimming. 
  • Jordan produces a small quantity of pure gasoline.
  • Jordan is derived from the Hebrew phrase ‘Yarden’ which implies to ‘movement down’.
  • Over 40% of Jordan’s inhabitants lives in Amman.
  • The nationwide animal is the Arabian Oryx and the nationwide chicken is the Sinai rosefinch.
  • Wadi Rum or Valley of the Moon is the most important Jordanian valley, and residential to some historic riverbeds and wonderful rock formations.
  • Jabal Umm al Dami in Wadi Rum is the very best level in Jordan, with an elevation of 1854 meters.  
  • You’ll be able to hike as much as the 15th-century mountaintop village of Dana!

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