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The Galaxy S20 series is the newest line of phones from Samsung and brings introductes one of the best hardware sets possible with all new camera and 120Hz displays. 5G is included on all three models if you use a compatible plan and have coverage on AT&T’s low-band 5G network. Here’s what you need to know if you are ready to upgrade to Samsung’s newest phones on AT&T.

New Galaxies

Samsung Galaxy S20

Grab it for AT&T with 5G included

The Galaxy S20 series continues Samsung’s trend of making some of the best Android phones possible with massive camera upgrades, a 120Hz display, and large batteries.

When is it coming out?

The S20 series was announced on February 11 and will be available for pre-order on February 21. You can also sign up to be notified as soon as the pre-order page goes live on AT&T’s online store. The phone will be available on March 6.

What’s the phone like?

Check out our preview to learn everything about the Galaxy S20’s technical details but here are the basics.

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As we’ve seen with the Galaxy S10 series, there will be three sizes starting with the Galaxy S20 as the smallest this time with a 6.2-inch display and a 4,000 mAh battery. The S20+ steps the screen up to 6.7 inches with a 4,500 mAh battery. Both of these phones have a huge 64MP camera sensor. The S20 Ultra takes the screen up to 6.9 inches, the battery up to 5,000 mAh, and the camera up to a massive 108MP.

The base Galaxy S20 will be available in Cloud Pink, Cosmic Gray, and Cloud Blue colors. The S20+ will have Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black, and Cloud Blue while the S20 Ultra will only be available in Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black.

All of these phones will work with AT&T’s low-band 5G network as long as you have a compatible plan. The S20+ and the S20 Ultra also support AT&T’s mmWave high-band 5G network that is currently only available to business customers. This high-band network will likely see integration with the low-band network for consumers in the future.

The Galaxy S20 starts at $1000 with 128GB of storage capacity. Storage is expandable on all phones. The S20+ starts at $1200 at 128GB and comes up to $1300 for 512GB. Finally, the Ultra starts at $1400 with 128GB and $1600 for 512GB of storage. These phones have some of the best hardware possible and a price that matches that but you might be able to save some money with a trade-in.

If you order through AT&T you can also pay monthly for a 30 month period. The Galaxy S20 comes in at 33.34 per month and the S20+ and S20 Ultra come in at $40 per month and $46.67 per month respectively.

How do I transfer my data?

Samsung’s Smart Switch software is some of the best in the business and works with Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone. You can use a USB cable to transfer all compatible files and apps to your new phone during the setup process. You can also back up your phone to the cloud either using a Samsung account or your Google account. If you’ve done this then you should be able to restore your backup by signing in.

If you’re switching from an iPhone be absolutely sure to disable iMessage before making the switch or you might face some annoying problems with texting.

How do I get 5G?

You will need to be covered by AT&T’s low-band 5G network to start with. AT&T claims that this covers 50 million people currently and should offer nationwide coverage this year. You’ll need to sign up for either AT&T’s Unlimited Extra or Unlimited Elite plan to get 5G access.

What plans should you get?

The main differences in AT&T’s unlimited plans come down to hotspot data and premium data. All plans come with unlimited data, however when you run out of premium data or if you are on the Unlimited Starter plan, your speeds will get slowed down when a tower is congested.

If you want access to 5G you should stick with the two higher-tiered plans.

It’s worth noting that you will need the Unlimited Elite plan if you want to be able to stream HD video on your phone. You’ll also get free access to HBO. All of these plans include free talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada as well.

Learn more about AT&T’s plans

Is AT&T still the right choice?

AT&T is one of the biggest and oldest names in telecom and it earns its reputation. With one of the largest 4G networks around and one of the fastest-growing 5G networks with low-band being built alongside a fast mmWave network, AT&T will likely be very competitive for 5G coverage. AT&T has also claimed that it intends to offer nationwide 5G coverage on its low-band network this year. If AT&T works well in your area, your new Galaxy S20 should work great with plenty of room to grow on the AT&T network.

New Galaxies

Samsung Galaxy S20

Grab it for AT&T with 5G included

The Galaxy S20 series continues Samsung’s trend of making some of the best Android phones possible with massive camera upgrades, a 120Hz display, and large batteries.

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