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How Much Sugar Should You Consume In A Day? Health Hazards Of Excess Sugar

Here’s how liquid sugar is worst for your health


  • Liquid sugar is bad for your health in various ways
  • Drink herbal teas which can provide you several health benefits
  • Too much liquid sugar can increase the risk of heart diseases

If you are trying to control your sugar intake you must carefully monitor the drinks you consume throughout the day. Avoiding chocolates, candies or other sugary treats is not enough to reduce your sugar intake. Most drinks are loaded with sugar in high quantities. Soft drink or carbonated drinks are widely consumed today, especially among youngsters. Many consume these drinks for instant energy. But not just high sugar content these drinks are loaded with several other health issues including weight gain. Packed fruit juices are also loaded with added sugar. If you are consuming too much liquid sugar, you are silently increasing the risk of several issues. Here are some health hazards linked with the consumption of liquid sugar.

Why liquid sugar is worst for your health?

You are more likely to consume more sugar if consumed in liquid form. If you are eating something sweet you are more likely to feel full after some time. But if you are drinking something loaded with sugar you may not feel full easily. You are likely to consume more liquid sugar as compared to solid. Some of the ill-effects of consuming too much liquid sugar may include-

1. Weight gain

High sugar consumption means more bodyweight. Too much intake of liquid sugar can contribute to fat deposition. You need to control your overall sugar consumption to reduce the risk of obesity.

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2. Increases risk of heart diseases

Liquid sugar can affect your heart health as well. It can trigger the various risk factors linked with heart diseases like obesity and bad cholesterol.


Too much sugar consumption can increase the risk of heart diseases
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3. Higher risk of diabetes

Liquid sugar can affect your blood sugar levels. It can contribute to an increased risk of type-2 diabetes.

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You must skip soda and choose healthy alternatives to reduce the consumption of liquid sugar. Some healthy options may include- herbal teas, lemon water, detox water or just simple water.

How much sugar should you consume in a day?

You should try to reduce your sugar consumption as much as possible. Always check the labels of the products you buy as most products contain added sugar.

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