Is carb addiction real? Here is all you need to know – Times of India

The first step to get over carb addiction is to recognise that you are suffering from this problem. Here are 4 easy way to get rid of this addiction:

-Rather than filling your plate with carb-rich food, eat more protein-rich food items. Both plant and animal source of proteins are considered good for health and will help you keep fuller for longer.

-Sometimes when you feel hungry untimely, your body might actually want water. Most of the time people confuse dehydration with hunger. So drink plenty of water.

-To get rid of carb addiction, you must first recognise your triggers. What you cannot resist at all- pizza or pasta. This will make it easier for you to avoid those trigger foods.

-Do not be too hard on yourself. Shunning carb is not an appropriate solution to this problem. Controlling is good, but do not shun carbs. Just be mindful and eat in moderation.

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