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The lives of Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards hang in the balance in “One Piece” chapter 972. But even if the Daimyo of Kuri manages to endure the boiling oil for an hour, it is yet unclear if Kaido and Orochi will keep their word and let them go free.

‘One Piece’ chapter 971 recap

Previous Econotimes “One Piece” chapter 971 spoilers were spot on. Oden made a deal with Kaido that might just be their ticket to freedom.

“All of us will enter the pot together,” Oden told Kaido, in the latest chapter, which is already available for reading on Mangaplus. “If any of us withstand the boiling for the amount of time you agree upon, please let them go free.”

Surprisingly, Kaido was amenable to the Daimyo of Kuri’s request and told him they can go free if they survive one hour inside the pot. “Do I have your word on that?” Oden confirmed once more and Kaido answered in the affirmative.

But what Oden did next surprised everyone including the Nine Red Scabbards. He got a big plank of wood and lifted it above his head saying to his men to get on top of it before wading into the pot filled with boiling oil.

Orochi was not impressed and complained that Oden’s vassals are not even touching the boiling oil. Kaido, on the other hand, found the situation amusing. “But all ten of them are within the pot, it’s true!” Kaido said as he appreciated the Daimyo’s quick-thinking to exploit a technicality.

However, the spectators found it boring. Some loudly commented that they had come expecting a show of Oden screaming. But with such a boring execution, others commented that they’d rather not waste any more time on the fool of a lord.

The comments irked Shinobu and she threatened to kill anyone who’ll say a bad word about Oden again. She then explained why Oden endured dancing naked in the streets for five years.

Orochi basically promised Oden that every time he danced naked, he’ll spare the lives of 100 prisoners. On top of that, he also promised that he and Kaido will leave Wano in five years after building their ships. The chapter ended with Shinobu telling the crowd that it was Oden who protected them all these years and that they had no right to call him a fool.

‘One Piece’ chapter 972 speculations

The big question everyone is asking at the moment is whether or not Kaido will honor his promise to Oden in “One Piece” chapter 972. Kaido and Orochi are not the most reliable characters around as they’ve repeatedly used deception and schemes to defeat Oden, such as when a devil fruit user disguised himself as Oden’s son to distract him during his fight against the Yonko.

On the other hand, the fact that most of the Nine Red Scabbards are confirmed to be alive at the present time suggests that they did not perish in that pot of boiling oil. “One Piece” chapter 972 will likely reveal that Oden managed to endure the one hour mark set by Kaido but it remains to be said if he’ll survive in the end.

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