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Look, I can totally understand that humour is subjective. Not only do different people find different things funny, sometimes you may rewatch an old joke that you didn’t initially find funny like a year later and find it hysterical. I remember the time where I couldn’t stop laughing because this dumb cat couldn’t figure out how to math.

But when it comes to “Plash Speed”, the latest meme to grip the “tech world”, I just couldn’t understand why everyone found it so funny. Or rather, how people still find it funny.

PS is not PlayStation, PS is Plash Speed! 😂We All Men can relates!! We can understand each other’s unspoken language 😂Same goes to toy collectors too! Video saw from WeiboSimple English subtitle by me…Credit to the original Korean owner(edited: original video link at below…)https://youtu.be/cEN00wMFB2AAnother funny video by him too here: https://www.facebook.com/100695124743199/posts/140836227395755/(Original owner please contact me if you are not happy that I uploaded this English subtitle version, because when I first saw this I really don’t know where the original source is, and my page is non profit page, just a toy and game sharing Fb page, thanks and we all love this video so much!)

Posted by Wayne Industry on Khamis, 13 Februari 2020

For those who are unable to watch this, the video starts with what looks like a technician performing an on-site repair of a married couple’s WiFi router. Apparently, the router is “too old” and thus has stopped working so it had to be replaced.

The couple then agree to replace the router with a new one and the scene cuts to the technician leaving after successfully installing the new router. However, when the camera pans back to the “router” it is revealed that the “new router” is actually a PlayStation 4 Pro gaming console.

Upon noticing the fact that this new “router” was unusually big, the wife (who clearly objects to having a gaming console in the house) begins questioning whether or not the new device was actually a router. Obviously, the husband and technician have been in cahoots this whole time and the WiFi being down was all a ruse to get a brand new PlayStation gaming console installed in the couple’s home.

As the video continues, more elements of tension are added in as the couple’s son comes home and calls the new router a “PS”, to which the technician had to clarify that “PS” stood for Plash Speed (when it obviously it stands for PlayStation).

Despite their best efforts, more and more things go wrong as chaos ensues. Finally, the ruse is broken when the couple’s son’s friend spill the beans on the fact that it is indeed a gaming console.

I don’t know, man. I probably chuckled (or courtesy laughed) the first time I saw this video, but I never really found it that funny. I mean, I can’t even remember what I felt when I first saw the video. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I’m a little dead inside, but I digress.

Plus, at risk of sounding like an SJW, I feel like these jokes are a little out of their time.

Also, there’s the fact that there is a huge plot hole here. Like, if he replaced the router with a PlayStation 4 Pro, does that mean that the house now doesn’t have internet? That sounds like a really crappy place to be in even if you have a PlayStation.

Still, this didn’t stop the memes from rolling in as brands and users started piling onto this new viral meme.

“Wait!!! Are routers usually this big?” 🤨Yes, dear. They’re called PS, or “Plash Speed”, with 6,000Mbps bandwidth! 😅

Posted by ASUS on Isnin, 17 Februari 2020


That being said, I will not count out the possibility of there being a future where I do find this hysterical. Maybe I’ll be really inebriated. Or maybe its a dystopian future where every other joke to ever exist has been wiped and the human race has been separated into factions based on what kind of jokes the used to like.

We’ll have to see.

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