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“PUBG” update 6.2 is now live in the PUBG test server bringing with it a cool new feature the Team Deathmatch. The update also introduced changes to its gameplay that affect grenades, parachute function, and the Karakin map.

Team Deathmatch

“PUBG” update 6.2 introduced a new way to do battle, the Team Deathmatch. It will pit teams of eight players against each other as an alternative to the usual battle royale, GameSpot reported.

The mode will only allow a first-person perspective (FPP). The combats will take place in seven different battlefields which will be set in any of the four maps. Each battlefield aims to provide a different battle experience for the gamers with some built for close-quarters fighting while others are more conducive for long-range engagements.

Friendly fire is disabled during the match while respawn is turned on. Players will be invulnerable for a short time after respawning and they will be respawned close to their teammates.

Matches will last for ten minutes. The first team to reach 50 kills wins the round. If none of the team reaches 50 kills, the winner will be the one that has the highest kills. The winning team will get BP as their reward.

Grenade changes

The “PUBG” update 6.2 also introduces changes to grenades. For instance, the fuse time for smoke grenades is reduced from 3 to 1 minute.

Frag grenades now deal 20 percent less damage to players who are in the prone position. A vest will also reduce damage from frag grenades. The grenade will now take takes 27 inventory capacity which is an increase from the previous 18.

Stun grenades’ indirect hit effect radius has been increased to 6.5m from 5.5m. Stun will explode 0.7 seconds after impact or after the fuse’s timer runs out. Players near the explosion will experience a slight camera shake.

The speed of the fire’s spread has been increased by 50 percent in Molotov Cocktails. In addition, the fire will spread a bit further, which increases its damage radius.

Changes in the Karakin map

G36C and MP5K are now available on the Karakin map. The spawn rate of bandages, SR, Win94, and DMR has been reduced while the spawn rate for boost items and First Aid Kits have been increased.

Parachute ‘Follow’ feature

There is a new “Follow” feature for parachutes. The aim is to help team members land together.

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