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Sky TV is, without a doubt, one of the best television services you can subscribe to. The firm’s award-winning Q box continues to lead way and Sky has kept its promise by releasing regular updates to help this device constantly evolve and improve. However, despite its greatness, subscribing to Sky can be pretty expensive especially when you start adding content such as Sports and Cinema.

Even with the latest deals, which were recently released, a monthly TV and broadband package can cost in excess of £70 per month.

Along with that high price, most Sky contracts will lock you in for a lengthy period of up to 18 months which means you’ll have to keep paying the price until the offer comes to an end.

Luckily, there is still a way of getting your fix of Sky without paying such a high price for the content.

NOW TV has been around for a while and allows customers to stream a swathe of shows, sports and movies without having to sign up to any long-term contracts.

To make this Sky-owned service even more appealing a number of offers have just gone live which reduces the price across a range of plans.

Perhaps one of the best deals includes a whole month of movies and TV shows, via Sky Cinema/Entertainment, for just £4.99 – saving 75 percent.


You can also get three months of Cinema and Entertainment or £24.99 which save saves a whopping 60 percent.

If it’s sports action you are after then there’s two very good offers that are worth your attention.

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Firstly you can get a Sky Sports Day Pass plus five months of Sky Sports on your mobile for just £9.98.

Or you can upgrade this to a Sky Sports Week Pass and five months of Sky Sports on your mobile for £14.98.


One of the best parts of NOW TV is you can leave at any time and there’s lengthy contracts to sign up to.

It is, however, worth noting that all shows you watch are streamed via the web so a good internet connection will be needed and you can’t record anything using this service.

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