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몸이 으슬으슬…독감일까? 신종 코로나일까?

Some people might worry over symptoms like coughing or fever.
But unless you’ve contacted coronavirus patients,.. doctors say it’s most likely you have the flu, not the new virus.
Park Se-young has more.
The number of suspected flu cases each week in January exceeded 40 per one-thousand outpatients in Korea.
This is nearly six times higher than when a flu warning was issued last November.
The flu begins with a sudden high fever, …and although the initial symptoms are worse than the new coronavirus, …similar respiratory symptoms like coughing and runny nose make it difficult to tell the two apart.
It’s more accurate to see if there’s a possibility of contact with a person diagnosed with coronavirus and review your recent travel history.
“Going to the hospital to see if you have the new coronavirus may actually get you infected with it. It’s difficult to know whether the situation is widespread in the community. If you have respiratory symptoms, avoid contact with people and stay home.”
Unlike the new coronavirus, there are vaccines and medicines for the flu.
Experts say flu patients with severe symptoms or underlying conditions should go to the hospital and get treated.
And because the flu is easily spread, those with symptoms should refrain from going out and should avoid contact with people.
Park Se-young, Arirang News.

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