The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Lisbon

The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Lisbon PortugalThe Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Lisbon Portugal

Having lived in the Portuguese capital for more than two years now, I’ve eaten in quite a few vegetarian and vegan Lisbon restaurants. From hearty veggie burgers to delicate crêpes, I’ve savored every last bite.

Lisbon has become quite a vegan paradise recently, with new places popping up all the time. Last time I returned home from a three month trip, I opened the Happy Cow app and found eight new veggie restaurants that had opened while I was away!

So of course I had to go eat at all of them. And with all this *ahem* arduous research under my belt, I can finally share with you my list of the best vegan eats in the city. There are so many that I had to break it up into two posts!

If you’re looking for restaurants that cater for both vegans and meat eaters, check out my Top 10 Vegan Friendly Restaurans in Lisbon.

In this article, though, I’m sharing with you my definitive list of the best vegetarian and vegan Lisbon restaurants. There are plenty more to choose from, but if you have limited time in the city, I recommend focusing on the ones listed here.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Lisbon

Open daily 12pm to 3:30pm and 7pm to 10:30pm

Vegan Pastel de Nata at daTerra Bairro Alto in LisbonVegan Pastel de Nata at daTerra Bairro Alto in Lisbon

Vegan Pastel de Nata at daTerra Bairro Alto in Lisbon

For years, the vegans of Lisbon have envied the vegans of Porto for their multiple branches of the incredible daTerra restaurant. But now we finally have a branch of our own!

There are quite a few vegetarian and vegan buffet restaurants in Lisbon, but this one is by far my favorite. At other buffets, the food all starts to taste the same after awhile.

Here, though, the dishes are incredibly varied, with lots of choices of cold starters and salads as well as a soup and three or four hot dishes. And sometimes, when you go back for a second plate, you find that they’ve brought out even more dishes while you weren’t looking.

Lunch is the best value, at just 8.50 euros for all you can eat. Dinner is a few euros more but still worth it.

And best of all, they have vegan pasteis de nata! A vegan version of these iconic Portuguese egg custard tarts has been a long time coming, but they’re finally here. And they’re pretty incredible, especially if you happen to catch them fresh out of the oven.

Even non-vegans have told me that these vegan ones are just as good or better than the famous pastéis de Belém.

Open 1-3pm and 7-10pm Monday to Saturday, 1-3pm Sunday

Legumi Sushi Vegan Restaurant in LisbonLegumi Sushi Vegan Restaurant in Lisbon

The most creative sushi you’ve ever seen!

Sushi is my favorite food in the world. I’ve often said that if I had to eat just one food for the rest of my life it would be sushi. Since going vegan, I’ve only had a handful of really great sushi experiences, though.

Even in Japan, chefs in restaurants don’t seem to get very creative with their vegan sushi.

And the situation in Lisbon was no different when I moved here. Sure, you can always find a cucumber roll, or maybe an avocado roll, but Lisbon didn’t really have any exciting vegan sushi options.

Until Legumi Sushi, that is! This fully vegan, Brazilian-owned restaurant makes some of the most creative sushi I’ve ever seen. Dining here is an extraordinary experience.

I recommend ordering the tasting menu, which is all you can eat. The chef, Leonardo, will keep making different kinds of sushi rolls until you tell him to stop. And each one is more beautiful than the last!

Prices are slightly higher than average for Lisbon, but good value for what you get. It’s a perfect place for a date night, in which case I recommend heading up to the nearby Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte for sunset before your dinner.

They also have a vegan wine list, which is a rarity in Lisbon!

The Masala Dosa at Veganapati is so big it hangs off the plate!The Masala Dosa at Veganapati is so big it hangs off the plate!

The Masala Dosa at Veganapati is so big it hangs off the plate!

There’s a definite Indian vibe at Veganapati, not just in the menu but in the whole philosophy behind the place. The owners are strongly influenced by Indian spirituality and Ayurvedic medicine, which you can read about on their website.

But they also have a pretty wide selection of more European and international dishes, including vegan burgers and even a vegan Welsh rarebit.

I highly recommend starting your meal off with the smoked sausage croquettes! I’ve never tasted traditional Portuguese alheira sausage, but my Portuguese dining companion said the taste was just like she remembered it. In any case, they were delicious!

The masala dosa was also very impressive and was so large that it was hard to capture it in a photo!

Although the prices here are slightly higher than average for Portugal, I still found Veganapati to be good value. It’s an exciting addition to the growing number of vegan restaurants in Lisbon and is in a very central location in the Baixa district. I’m excited to return and try more of their menu.

The Food Temple Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThe Food Temple Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Dinner only, 7:30pm – 12am, closed Monday and Tuesday

The Food Temple - vegan Lisbon restaurantThe Food Temple - vegan Lisbon restaurant

Each night there’s a new selection of tapas on offer at The Food Temple.

The Food Temple is a veteran of the vegan Lisbon scene. It’s the oldest fully vegan restaurant in the city and remains a crowd favorite. And with the cozy ambience down one of Alfama’s cobblestone alleyways, it’s not hard to see why.

The menu changes every night, so come with an open mind and be ready to be surprised. There’s typically just one main dish on offer, and the staff recommend ordering a soup, three small tapas dishes and a main dish to share between two people.

Quintal de Santo Amaro

10:30am – 7pm, closed Sunday and Monday

Quintal de Santo Amaro - vegan Lisbon restaurantQuintal de Santo Amaro - vegan Lisbon restaurant

Quintal de Santo Amaro offers healthy plant-based dishes, mainly for take-away.

This little café offers a changing daily menu of healthy lunch boxes and light dishes such as soups and toasted sandwiches. Most of their business is take-away, although there are a couple of tables where you can sit inside.

It’s just around the corner from the Amália Rodrigues house and museum in the São Bento neighborhood. Now that the formerly vegan TOO café inside the museum has unfortunately added chicken flesh to its menu, Quintal de Santo Amaro is a good alternative in the vicinity for those who prefer to eat in a fully vegan establishment.

Jardim das Cerejas

Open daily 12pm – 3:30pm and 7pm – 11pm

Jardim das Cerejas - vegan restaurant in LisbonJardim das Cerejas - vegan restaurant in Lisbon

Come hungry and enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffet at Jardim das Cerejas.

What once started out as a vegetarian eatery is now a fully vegan Lisbon restaurant. The all-you-can-eat buffet is good value for dinner at €9.50. It’s even better value for lunch, when it costs just €7.50 (drinks and desserts are separate in both cases).

The food is Indian-influenced, but with a bit of Western twist. There are always four or five hot dishes to choose from, along with a salad bar and soup of the day.

When I first moved to Lisbon, Jardim das Cerejas was one of my favorite vegan Lisbon hangouts. After a while, though, the dishes all started to taste the same to me, so I don’t eat here as often anymore.

And ever since daTerra opened up nearby, that’s always my first choice when I’m in this area.

But one thing I will never grow tired of is the bolo de bolacha (cookie cake) at Jardim das Cerejas. This traditional Portuguese cake consists of layers of Marie biscuits and cream, and the vegan version at Jardim das Cerejas is heavenly.

In addition to their original location in Chiado at No. 36 Calçada do Sacramento, they recently opened a second, larger branch at Rua Andrade Corvo 7B, near the Picoas metro stop.

Vegan Eats

Open daily, 9am – 7:30pm Monday to Friday, 10am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday

VeganEats Caffe - vegan Lisbon restaurantVeganEats Caffe - vegan Lisbon restaurant

Want to taste traditional Portuguese food! Head to VeganEats to try vegan versions of traditional dishes.

This place is run by two lovely Portuguese women who always have a warm welcome ready for customers. The prices are very reasonable, and the dishes are veganized versions of typical Portuguese cuisine, such as tofu à brás (a dish that is normally made with cod and known as “bacalhau à brás”).

The menu changes each day and generally includes one main dish of the day and one quiche, as well as smaller dishes such as salads, soups and vegan sausages.

I never leave here without ordering their famous chocolate cake, which is to die for. It’s at its best when served warm, so be sure to ask them to heat it up.

12:30pm – 4pm Tuesday to Saturday, also 7pm -11pm Thursday to Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday.

Sand'Epica sandwich at Las Vegan restaurant in LisbonSand'Epica sandwich at Las Vegan restaurant in Lisbon

Sand’Epica sandwich at Las Vegan restaurant in Lisbon

This small and cozy eatery has recently opened up in Anjos, which is becoming a very vegan-friendly neighborhood of Lisbon. The staff are welcoming, and the food is very good for what it is – mostly sandwiches, burgers, salads and similar café fare.

If you’re here on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, I recommend the Sand’Epica sandwich. It’s only available on these days because that’s when the focaccia used to make it is delivered.

There are only a few tables at Las Vegan, so the place fills up quickly. But if there’s no space here you can just walk across the street to VeganEats, which also serves good vegan food at extremely affordable prices.

Monday to Wednesday 12:30pm-3:30pm and 7pm-10pm; Thursday to Saturday 12:30pm-3:30pm and 7pm-11pm, closed Sundays.

Organi Chiado - best restaurants in Lisbon Portugal for vegan-friendly mealsOrgani Chiado - best restaurants in Lisbon Portugal for vegan-friendly meals

Organi Chiado’s vegan lasagna is quite possibly the best lasagna you’ve ever tasted

This restaurant used to be listed in my article on vegan-friendly restaurants in Lisbon. I’m happy to announce, though, that they have taken fish and other aquatic animals off their menu and are now completely vegan.

The menu changes daily, depending on what’s in-season and locally available. They tend to rotate through the same few dishes, though, all of which are fantastic. Their vegan lasagna is one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Typically, on any given day there are three or four main dishes on the menu, along with appetizers, soups and desserts. While the focus is on healthy, organic ingredients, even folks who don’t typically eat a healthy diet will think the food here is delicious.

The location is perfect, right in the heart of Chiado, and the terrace is a lovely place to while away a sunny afternoon.

All the desserts are sugar-free, and they range from a typical Portuguese rice pudding to a pecan pie that looks like it could have been baked in my Granny’s kitchen in Alabama!

Ao 26 – Vegan Food Project

12:30pm – 3:30pm Monday, 12:30pm – 6:30pm and 7:30pm – 11pm Tuesday to Saturday. Closed Sunday

Vegan Duck Rice at Ao 26 Vegan Food Project in LisbonVegan Duck Rice at Ao 26 Vegan Food Project in Lisbon

Vegan Duck Rice at Ao 26 Vegan Food Project in Lisbon

This is a long-standing favorite among members of the vegan Lisbon community, and with good reason. The lunch menu is very good value and includes a few different vegan burgers, salads and sandwiches.

The dinner menu is a bit pricier, but has more options. They have recently revamped their dinner menu to include veganized dishes of several traditional Portuguese dishes. I recommend trying their starter boards — the cheeses, sausages and “cuttlefish” are all delicious!

And in addition, there are always daily specials chalked up on the blackboard. Their burgers are delicious, and if you have a sweet tooth I recommend the Oreo, peanut butter and chocolate pie.

It’s a good idea to reserve in advance, as Ao 26 is very popular. This is easy to do online at

9:00am – 8pm Sunday to Thursday, 9:00am – 3pm Friday, closed Saturday.

Salad at Eight -- The Health Lounge vegan restaurant in LisbonSalad at Eight -- The Health Lounge vegan restaurant in Lisbon

Salad at Eight — The Health Lounge vegan restaurant in Lisbon

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast or brunch, Eight is a great option. It’s in a convenient location right on Praça da Figueira. They don’t take reservations, but it’s a large place so it’s usually no problem to find a table.

Order at the bar downstairs, then place your number on your table and a staff member will bring your order to you. Servings are generous, and the menu consists mostly of salads, toasts, smoothie bowls and sandwiches, along with smoothies and juices.

I tend not to order salads in restaurants, but I make an exception at Eight. The salads here are some of the best in Lisbon. There’s also an eco-friendly shop on the first floor.

Sweet Potato Timbale at O Botanista Vegan Restaurant in LisbonSweet Potato Timbale at O Botanista Vegan Restaurant in Lisbon

Sweet Potato Timbale at O Botanista Vegan Restaurant in Lisbon

12pm – 8pm Monday to Wednesday, 12pm – 12am Thursday to Saturday, closed Sunday.

This relative newcomer is run by the same owners as Ao 26 Vegan Food Project, which has consistently been rated as one of the top vegan restaurants in Lisbon for several years now. The food at O Botanista is of a similarly high quality, but the menu is completely different.

O Botanista has a pleasant vibe, with lots of greenery in the dining area. I had heard people raving about this place before I went there. The first time I ate there, I thought the food was good but didn’t quite live up to the hype.

But when I went back a few months later, the menu had changed completely, and everything I tasted was amazing! When you see the cakes in the display case, you’ll definitely want to save room for dessert.

According to the posted hours, they are open until 8pm on certain days, but I’ve heard reports of them closing early. Best to come here for lunch rather than dinner.

As of July 2019, Gopal Vegan Cheese is being produced and sold on the premises of O Botanista. This is the best artisanal vegan cheese sold in Lisbon and was previously available only at Foodprintz, which has recently closed, so this is good news!

My Mother’s Daughters

8:30am – 7pm Monday to Friday, 10am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday

My Mother's Daughters - vegan Lisbon restaurantMy Mother's Daughters - vegan Lisbon restaurant

The “bowls” served at My Mother’s Daughters are interesting both because of the unique mix of flavors and because of the pieces of art they’re served in.

This tiny café opened in November 2017 and is a welcome addition to the growing list of fully vegan Lisbon restaurants. The focus here is on sustainable, organic, local food and on supporting local producers and artists, and this philosophy can be seen in even the smallest details.

Flip to the back of the menu to read the backstory of the broken tiles on the walls, the blown glass light fixtures overhead, and the purposely asymmetrical bowls that the dishes are served in.

The food is healthy, but without sacrificing any when it comes to taste. I recommend starting your meal with the pão de queijo – a veganized version of a cheesy bread that’s part of traditional Brazilian cuisine.

Dona Flor Café

10am – 7pm Monday to Thursday, 12pm-3pm and 7pm-10pm Friday and Saturday. Closed Sunday

Dona Flor Cafe - vegan Lisbon restaurantDona Flor Cafe - vegan Lisbon restaurant

Shop for vegan shoes, pantry staples, and eco-friendly cleaning products, and enjoy a tasty lunch while you’re there!

This quaint café first got its start in the nearby beach town of Cascais, and in late 2017 they joined the vegan Lisbon scene by opening a branch in Chiado.

Each day there’s a new daily special, and they also offer snacks like mini-pizzas, savory pies and toasted sandwiches. There’s typically a range of three or four desserts as well.

The space is small and very homey, and the location right in the center of the main shopping district is very convenient. Dona Flor is actually one of three vegan businesses that share a single cruelty-free space.

In addition to the café, there’s also Green Beans Market, where you can stock up on vegan cheeses, Vego chocolate bars and various pantry staples, and Sapato Verde, which sells vegan and fair-trade shoes, clothing and bags.

Open 10am-3pm and 5pm-8pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday

Solo Cozinha Macrobiótica vegan takeaway in LisbonSolo Cozinha Macrobiótica vegan takeaway in Lisbon

Solo Cozinha Macrobiótica vegan takeaway in Lisbon

This tiny place primarily does takeaway, but they do manage to squeeze in a few places to sit right at the entrance. If you manage to snag one of these, you’ll have a front row view of the kitchen.

It’s pretty much a one-man show here, so you can watch your server/chef prepare your meal while you wait. The focus at Solo is on healthy, organic food, and they also use eco-friendly packaging.

The menu changes all the time, as it’s basically just one soup and main dish of the day. So, it’s a bit of a gamble, and I admit that I prefer to know what my options are ahead of time. But the lasagna I had when I stopped in here was really quite something.

Too often, macrobiotic food tastes overly healthy and bland to me, but that’s definitely not the case here. The dish was also well-presented, and it was obvious that a lot of care had gone into making it.

Vizza New Age Pizzabar

Open for dinner only, 7 pm to 11:30 pm Wednesday to Saturday, 6 pm to 10:30 pm Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday

vegan pizza in Lisbonvegan pizza in Lisbon

Vegan pizza at Vizza – one of the best vegan restaurants Lisbon has to offer.

When I first moved to Lisbon, I was really excited about the pizza with vegan cheese at In Bocca al Lupo, an Italian restaurant located on one of my favorite squares, Praça das Flores. But now that Vizza has moved in right across the square, I don’t see much reason to go to In Bocca al Lupo anymore.

Not only is Vizza 100% vegan, but their pizza is also much more imaginative and just tastes better. That is, if you prefer thick, Neopolitan-style crust as I do. If you’re into paper-thin crust, then maybe head across the street.

While the pizzas here are not cheap by Lisbon standards, they’re worth every penny. I recommend the Smoked ‘Shroom, with marinated portobello mushrooms, red onion and olive oil. Maybe ask them to go light on the olive oil unless you’re really into greasy pizza. 

And be prepared to eat with your hands. No forks or knives here! Although there’s a roll of paper towels on every table in case things get messy.

The atmosphere here is very young and hipster, and it’s a good place to come for a cocktail as well as for dinner. There’s even a small dance floor and a guest DJ spinning tunes on Saturday nights from 11 pm to 3 am.

The Green Affair Chiado

Open daily 12 pm to 11 pm

Cauliflower wingsCauliflower wings

Cauliflower wings

Vegan brownieVegan brownie

Vegan brownie

The Green Affair opened a couple of years ago in Saldanha, but I only went there once because it just wasn’t a very convenient location for me (or for most tourists). 

But now they’ve opened a new branch in Chiado, right in the heart of the city. And I’m quickly becoming a regular customer! 

The atmosphere is quite classy, and yet the prices are surprisingly affordable. It would be a great place for a romantic date.

Everything I’ve tasted there so far has been really good, especially the desserts. They’re big enough to share, yet so could you’ll want to keep it all to yourself! Although I have to say I’m not really a fan of the banana nice cream that comes with the brownie.

The menu is quite varied, with everything from cauliflower wings to homemade pumpkin gnocchi. And they’ve just introduced an all-day brunch menu, which is great value at just 9.95 for pancakes, tofu scramble on toast, granola with soy yogurt, juice and coffee.

Kong – Vegan Modern Food

Open Monday to Saturday 12 pm to 11 pm, closed Sunday

Vegan fish and chipsVegan fish and chips

You’ll be amazed by the vegan fish and chips at Kong

Kong has become one of my very favorite vegan restaurants in Lisbon. It opened in early 2019 but was originally run by a non-vegan who didn’t seem to care too much about the restaurant.

Just recently, though, a couple of devoted vegan activists have taken over the place and really turned it around. They serve delicious vegan comfort food for tourists and locals alike.

The menu includes a decadent bacon and cheddar burger made with the Beyond Meat patty, and the most realistic fish and chips I’ve ever tasted. You won’t believe what they make it with!

And if you want to try veganized Portuguese food, they also serve dishes like francesinha and arroz sem polvo. The latter is a popular rice stew that, in this case, is made with mushrooms rather than octopus.

Traditional Portuguese food is quite heavy on meat and fish, and veganized versions are hard to find. I’m really glad to see Kong filling that gap! They also offer a traditional Brazilian feijoada (black bean stew) on Thursdays.

And if you’re on a tight budget, the dish of the day is great value at just 6.50. Plus, you’re greeted by a larger-than-life-sized statue of a gorilla when you walk in. What more could you ask for?

Vegan Junkies

Open Tuesday to Saturday 12 pm to 3 pm and 6:30 pm to midnight, closed Sunday and Monday

vegan junk food in Lisbonvegan junk food in Lisbon

Beyond burger with cheese and pickles at Vegan Junkies

As you can probably guess, this small and cozy restaurant serves up vegan junk food, like Beyond burgers and tacos al pastor. The cauliflower wings are highly rated, and they make all kinds of sauces from scratch to go with them.

They’re trying pretty hard to appeal to the hipster crowd (the menu is written on a vinyl record!), but they seem to attract all kinds of people, which is great.

There are only a few tables, so it’s not really suitable for groups. But if you’re just on your own or with a friend or partner, it’s a good place to stop in for lunch.

Alternatively, come in the evening for a cocktail. They stay open until midnight, which is a bit later than most restaurants in Lisbon.

Moko Veggie Café

Open 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday, closed Sunday

Vegan Bolas de BerlimVegan Bolas de Berlim

Vegan bolas de Berlim at Moko Veggie Café, a great place for vegan breakfast and sweet treats

This café run by a lovely Taiwanese family started out as vegetarian and has been slowly weeding out animal products from the menu. As of mid-2019, they are officially fully vegan. Yay!

Moko is a great place to come for breakfast, as they make croissants and lots of other yummy baked goods. They even have vegan bolas de Berlim, a typical Portuguese dessert that’s an Iberian spin on the jam-filled doughnuts from Berlin.

If you come around lunchtime, you can also get a hot meal here, such as a noodle soup or veggie burger. All the food is vegan and also free of alliums (garlic, onions, etc.).

Keep in mind that the space is really tiny, with just a few tables. And the owners don’t speak much English. But they are super friendly and will make themselves understood with a mix of Portuguese, Chinese and charades!

They recently opened a second, larger location in Alvalade, which I’ve not yet had a chance to check out.

Kitchen Dates

Open for lunch Wednesday to Friday 12 pm to 3 pm, and for brunches and dinners by reservation only

Vegan nachosVegan nachos

Vegan nachos

Vegan cheesecakeVegan cheesecake

Vegan cheesecake

Kitchen Dates is a unique place that you should really take the time to seek out when you’re in Lisbon. It’s the first zero-waste restaurant in Portugal! And it’s also completely vegan, of course.

Maria and Rui started out by organizing vegan brunches in their apartment, which they promoted on Instagram. I only managed to get in once, but their brunches always sold out right away! The word was out that this was something really special.

Kitchen Dates finally outgrew that little apartment, and Maria and Rui now have their own proper restaurant space. The concept is the same, though, with strangers meeting around a large communal table to share a meal together.

Book ahead on their website to attend one of their brunches or dinners. You won’t regret it! Alternatively, you can stop by for lunch without a reservation from Wednesday to Friday.

The food is very creative. It has to be, because they use only seasonal, local produce, and they find ways of reusing things that would just be thrown away in any other restaurant kitchen. 

There’s also a small shop on site where you can buy some of their homemade products like cheese, nut butters, etc. Remember to bring your own container though!

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Lisbon

Jardim dos Sentidos

12pm – 3pm weekdays (12:30pm – 3:30pm on Saturdays) and 7pm – 10:30pm. Closed Sunday.

Jardim dos Sentidos - vegan Lisbon restuarantJardim dos Sentidos - vegan Lisbon restuarant

The vegan cheese platter is a great way to start your dinner at Jardim dos Sentidos.

This classy vegetarian restaurant has a lovely ambience and is perfect for a romantic dinner. On Tuesday evenings, they run a special deal where €36 gets you a bottle of wine and a three-course dinner for two.

While not everything on the menu is vegan, the vegan options are clearly labeled and make up a good portion of the menu. The stroganoff is deliciously creamy, and their burger is one of the meatiest veggie burgers I’ve ever tasted.

The one area where they don’t cater that well for vegans is the desserts. The best vegan option in my opinion is the apple and prune crumble, not to be confused with the apple pie with cinnamon and raisins (also vegan, but not nearly as good).

But for some reason they don’t carry vegan vanilla ice cream, so for vegan customers they top the crumble with lemon or pineapple sorbet instead, which is just weird. I always ask them to leave off the sorbet.

Flatbread wrap at Juicy vegetarian restaurant in LisbonFlatbread wrap at Juicy vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon

Flatbread wrap at Juicy vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon

This cute and casual café is conveniently located in the Baixa district, right in the center of town. Juicy specializes in wraps, which they call flatbreads. It’s a vegetarian eatery where the menu items are assumed to be vegan unless marked with a “V” to indicate that they are lacto-ovo vegetarian.

While I like the idea of having vegan as the default, I do find it a bit confusing to mark non-vegan items with a “V”. But once you figure out the menu, you’ll see that there are plenty of vegan options.

I always go for the wraps, which are delicious, but I’ve also heard positive reports about the salads and bowls.

Oh, as you would expect from the name, they also serve juices and smoothies. Tap water is offered free of charge and is self-service, though, so there’s no need to pay for a drink if you don’t want to. Be sure to order a side of their amazing sweet potato fries!

Prices here are quite reasonable, and takeaway is also available.

Farm Food Ink Café

12:30pm – 10pm Sunday to Thurday, 5pm – 10pm Saturday. Closed Friday.

Sandwich at Farm Food Ink CaféSandwich at Farm Food Ink Café

Sandwich at Farm Food Ink Café

This small café near the Miradouro de Santa Catarina (also known as Adamastor) serves up authentic vegetarian Israeli food. There’s a good chance that whoever is behind the counter will offer you a taste of their falafel when you walk in.

They might even tell you it’s the best falafel in the world. And they just may be right! It’s pretty damn good.

There’s a decent selection of sandwiches and larger meals, all made fresh to order. And pretty much everything can be made vegan. It’s a great option for delicious food at a very reasonable price.

Sama Sama

9am – 6pm (until 2am on Friday and Saturday). Closed Sunday.

Sama Sama - vegetarian Lisbon crêperieSama Sama - vegetarian Lisbon crêperie

The crêpes at Sama Sama can all be made vegan. Be sure to ask for the melted vegan cheese!

This tiny hole-in-the-wall serves up some of the best crêpes you’ll ever taste. The crêpe batter is vegan, and pretty much any menu item can be made in a vegan version. A gluten free option is also available.

There’s a range of both sweet and savory crêpes on offer, as well as juices and smoothies. If you’re going the savory route, I highly recommend shelling out the extra €1 to add melted Violife vegan cheese.

Seating is pretty much non-existent, so be prepared to stand at the bar or take your crêpe out to the nearby Praça Europa and watch the world go by.

The word on the street is that the bar next door (which does have seating) will soon be offering the Sama Sama menu to their customers, so inquire about that if you’d like to enjoy your crêpe sitting down.


12:30pm – 3:30pm and 7:30pm – 10:30pm. Closed Sunday.

PSI - vegetarian Lisbon restaurantPSI - vegetarian Lisbon restaurant

The menu at PSI is a real fusion of world flavors.

The folks at PSI have really perfected their craft in the 15 years that they’ve been in business. The food is superb, and the delightful garden is the perfect place to while away an afternoon.

The menu is real fusion of world flavors, with an emphasis on dishes from the Indian subcontinent (stuffed rotis, thalis and Indian curries all make an appearance).

I recommend starting off with the mango ceviche before digging in to the dandan noodles or the curry laksa. But anything you order is bound to be delicious.

While it’s definitely not a 100% vegan Lisbon restaurant, the owner has told me that any new menu items they add from now on will be vegan.

Os Tibetanos

Open daily, 12:15pm – 3:45pm and 7:30pm – 11pm Monday to Friday; 12:45pm – 4:15pm and 8pm – 11:30pm Saturday and Sunday.

Os Tibetanos - vegetarian Lisbon restaurantOs Tibetanos - vegetarian Lisbon restaurant

I highly recommend the mango curry at Os Tibetanos.

This Tibetan vegetarian restaurant is beautifully decorated with Buddhist wall hangings and colorful banners, and it feels a world away from Lisbon. There’s often a film about Tibetan Buddhism playing on the flat-screen TV (without the sound, so it doesn’t distract too much from the atmosphere).

My favorite dishes from the menu are the mango tofu curry and the crunchy ting momo. Of course, they also have regular momos (dumplings), but the ting momo is something completely different. It’s a typical Tibetan bread roll that has been fried until it’s crispy on the outside. Delish!

My one complaint about this place is the dessert menu. Apart from fresh fruit, there is nothing for vegans. Let’s hope they’ll had something more interesting soon.

Eating at vegan and vegetarian restaurants isn’t the only vegan foodie experience you can have in Lisbon. It’s also possible to take a cooking class or enjoy a meal at a local’s home. offers a number of vegan-friendly Lisbon food experiences, including lunch on an organic farm and a vegan Portuguese custard tarts cooking class!

These experiences are a great way to go beyond the typical tourist sightseeing and delve into the local culture.

Vegan-Friendly Hotels in Lisbon

If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly place to stay, the following hotels have been recommended for their willingness to accommodate vegans. Click the links below to see photos and read reviews of the hotels:

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

Memmo Alfama

Cada do Mercado Lisboa

New vegetarian and vegan restaurants are opening up in Lisbon all the time, so I will be updating this list regularly. Save this post so you can check for new updates!

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