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Three Mobile is no stranger to 5G. The carrier started to support the superfast mobile network technology last year but, at launch, it was only available to Three broadband customers in London.

But that’s all about to change with the UK mobile provider set to finally rival the likes of EE, Vodafone, O2, BT and Sky with the launch of 5G for your mobile phone. That means if you use Three Mobile and have a 5G-ready device, you’ll soon be able to download files, binge on Netflix, and watch 4K films with less buffering.

5G isn’t just about faster speeds. You’ll also be able to continue to browse in packed areas, like concert arenas and live sport matches, without seeing a drop in your speeds.

Three says the rollout begins today in areas including London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry and Nottingham all getting access to the upgrade.

Although there’s no confirmation of how fast Three’s 5G network will be, a recent test by using the EE network revealed downloads of over 300Mbps are possible.

Speaking about the announcement, Three CEO Dave Dyson said: “Today we are celebrating what is possible through 5G with a showcase of our ultra-fast 5G capabilities marking the next step in our 5G journey. 5G is set to change the world for all of us and we can’t wait for our customers to start experiencing it.”

Although Three is one of the last mobile networks to launch 5G, the company is making some big claims about what the next-generation technology will enable them to do.

In fact, Three says its service is set up to be the fastest 5G network in the country – beating EE, Vodafone and all of its other rivals.

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Three is boasting that customers will benefit from the vast 5G capacity and speeds that only it can offer, enabling the best 5G experience possible. Three will provide peak mobile speeds of up to 2x faster than other telecoms operators, thanks to the substantial chunk of the 5G it holds.

All Three customers – new and existing – will have access to 5G with no speed caps at no extra cost on all contract, SIM-only, and pay-as-you-go mobile plans.

To mark the launch of this update, Three is showcasing its 5G superiority at London Fashion Week, providing a glimpse into how 5G can transform the traditional fashion show. Three says it has partnered with Central Saint Martins to create a fully-immerse 5G fashion experience that “awakens all the senses for the audience through accompanying technological effects.”

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