Vietnam counters coronavirus in province with more cases – Prensa Latina

16 de febrero de 2020, 11:6Hanoi, Feb 16 (Prensa Latina) Vietnam is currently maintaining preventive measures against the cases of coronavirus in Vinh Phuc province, receiving medical care the 11 cases detected there, out of the 16 total cases registered in the country.

On a Sunday’s tour of sanitary facilities, areas considered as risk and control points, the president of the Popular Committee (government) of the territory, Nguyen Van Tri, pointed out that all conditions are created to stop pneumonia caused by Covid-19.

About 600 people from the province who had contact with the infected or with the suspect cases are in quarantine.

Meanwhile, the commune where patients were detected and the industrial parks where there are Chinese companies are under strict surveillance, including control points on access roads, with the participation of police officers, military and health sector workers.

In addition, disinfection work was carried out in all schools, hospitals, public and residential areas of the province, and the importance of observing preventive measures is disclosed among the population.

No one has died in Vietnam because of Covid-19. Half of the 16 infected were discharged and the others are recovering successfully.

The World Health Organization acknowledged that the country is handling ‘very well’ the situation created by the contagious virus.


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