Watch: BMW M4 sent skyward after crashing through roundabout – NZME

On its own, drink driving is incredibly dangerous and not only puts the driver in danger, but makes the road a scary place for everyone involved, add a high-powered car into that mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. 

That’s exactly what happened recently in Long Beach, California, where a woman sent her BMW M4 through a roundabout before crashing back down to earth and destroying a few other cars. 

According to a local report, the crash happened around 2AM last Thursday, which thankfully meant that she was the only driver in the area, and no one else was involved in the spectacular collision. 

Miraculously the 27-year-old wasn’t hurt in the crash, but was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, and is currently being held on US$30,000 bail. 

CCTV cameras managed to catch the whole ordeal, including the dramatic boulder collision. It was estimated to weigh about 150kg, and ended up around 50 metres down the street after destroying a Chevrolet Camaro. 

One local resident who owns one of the damaged cars estimated that the BMW was travelling at speeds up to 110km/h through the sleepy neighbourhood before hitting the boulder. 

The video finished with footage from the aftermath, which shows fire-fighters and police officers cleaning up the debris. It’s hard to estimate the extent of the damage, but it looks like at least six cars were damaged. 

We can imagine that the 27-year-old driver will be facing some hefty fines when she makes her court date. 

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