Where to Have Breakfast After the Ferry to Devonport, Tasmania

Taking the Spirit of Tasmania ferry from Melbourne to Devonport is the classic approach for travellers looking to visit Tasmania. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or want to bring a car over, the Spirit is a staple of Tasmanian tourism. While the day sail isn’t too tough, the overnight ferry from Melbourne comes with some challenges. The big one? Where to get breakfast after arriving in Devonport bright and early in the morning.

With the Spirit of Tasmania arriving in Devonport between 6 and 7am, plus the time it takes to disembark, you’re arriving in Tasmania right around breakfast time. Many plan to head off towards their first destination straight away thinking they can just find breakfast any old place. But this part of Tasmania is more rural than it seems and you may end up starving before you find a good breakfast spot.

So, let me help you out by sharing two great places for breakfast near the Spirit of Tasmania terminal. They’re not the only breakfast spots near Devonport, but they come recommended by yours truly.


Arriving on the Overnight Spirit of Tasmania in Devonport

Spirit of Tasmania Terminal

After arriving in Devonport on the Spirit, you’re bound to be craving food and coffee. Upon arriving in Devonport, the first thing many tourists do is quickly drive away from the town. After all, they’re excited to get on the road and start exploring Tasmania. But it’s actually best if you don’t go too far as you’ll find some stellar breakfast places near Devonport. 

Sure, there is a McDonalds in town that some won’t mind, not to mention several cafes in the city centre. But many people are keen to get on the road and avoid everyone else that has disembarked the ferry. That’s why the two below breakfast spots are so good. Both options are just off the Bass Highway that runs away from Devonport along the north coat of Tasmania. You won’t have any trouble reaching them by car and they’ll have you ready to tackle your first day in Tassie.


House of Anvers, Devonport Breakfast Spots

First up, we have the fantastic cafe at Anvers Chocolate Factory outside the town of Latrobe. Yes, you can have breakfast at a place where delicious chocolate is made. The House of Anvers was established by a Belgian Igor Van Gerwen who moved to Tasmania, bringing his skills with Belgian chocolate with him. 

While other parts of the site are devoted to chocolate-making, the cafe is where you want to be first thing in the morning. Housed inside a quaint country bungalow from the 30s, Anvers Cafe has a relaxed and comforting atmosphere. There’s a reason locals drive down here for brunch or lunch.

The cafe has multiple menus, including breakfast and all day menus, with plenty of variety on offer. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of food with chocolate present on the menu. I went with the awesome Belgian waffles that have a whole page dedicated to them and there were certainly no regrets. Waffles with hazlenut praline sauce, icecream and cream, yum! However, not everything is sweet and you’ll find eggs, croissants and vegetarian dishes.

So something for everyone, even if chocolate isn’t your thing.


Address: 9025 Bass Hwy, Latrobe TAS 7307, Australia

Directions: Highway 1 / Bass Highway, travelling towards Latrobe and Deloraine


Turners Beach Berry Patch

Turners Beach Berry Patch, Breakfast places near Devonport Tasmania

Heading in the other direction from Devonport, the other tasty place for breakfast after the ferry is Turners Beach Berry Patch. The Berry Patch, as its name suggests, is a berry farm right near the coast who have a delicious on-site restaurant. So its little surprise that in many of the dishes they make you’ll get delicious, freshly picked berries.

But if you’re worrying that this is a niche restaurant, think again. They serve up breakfast, brunch, lunch and even are open for dinner on Fridays and offer the kind of international cuisine Australia prides itself on. On their extensive all-day menu, they have things like pancakes, granola, and bacon and eggs which were delicious. I couldn’t resist getting a side of mushrooms, but it was the beetroot and rhubarb chutney that was a pleasant surprise. They also have a small cake display if you’re after something smaller, plus great coffee.

The restaurant has a fair amount of indoor seating, but also covered outdoor tables which are nice in summer. If you’re travelling with kids, the outdoor area is great as there are games and hay bails for them to play with. You definitely get the rustic, farm vibe that feels so fitting in Tasmania.


Address: 4 Blackburn Dr, Turners Beach TAS 7315, Australia

Directions: Highway 1 / Bass Highway, travelling towards Ulverstone and Burnie


Have you had breakfast at these cafes after arriving on the Spirit of Tasmania? Where would you recommend for overnight passengers getting breakfast in Devonport? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I may make a small commission. Of course, this will come at no extra cost to you. 

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